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Compassionate Hospice & End of Life Care Support.
While our end of life care does not include hospice care, we work in coordination with and support hospice care providers, to provide an extra helping hand.

Companion Care At It's Best

Seniors First of Georgia offers Hospice Sitter Companion and specializes in Hospice Companion Care. We are available for urgent and immediate care 24-hours a day in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.

When the focus shifts from health and recovery to providing comfort and support, Seniors First of Georgia works with hospice care, providing additional emotional support your loved one and the family need during this most difficult time. Seniors First of Georgia prides itself by working closely with the  hospice care team.

Whether you have a loved one at home or living in a residential community, our Sitter Companions can help families feel comfortable knowing a family member in critical care is not left alone.  We also provide Hospice Sitter Companion in their home allowing them peace and comfort. Get the peace of mind by hiring one of our experience Hospice Sitter Companions. We provide emotional support and full time monitoring for maximum safety and comfort to our families and their love ones.


Companion Care

Helping You Enjoy Life to the Fullest

It’s our mission at Seniors First of Georgia is not only to encourage independence, but to alleviate that loneliness and bring joy and companionship. 

Companion care is available from 7 days a week to 24 hours. It’s an excellent choice for seniors who live alone or don’t have a lot of support nearby. By using a Companion, the primary caregiver gets a much-needed break, and the senior is able to remain their independence.

Senior companion care services include meal monitoring, transportation planning visits and trips, help with minor tasks, and of course, companionship. Our service includes:

  • Engaging in companionship and conversation.

  • Playing games and cards

  • Encouraging participation with crafts

  • Helping read

  • Directing morning wake-up and evening tuck-in

  • Helping select clothes

  • Mailing letters and bills

  • Monitoring eating patterns and diets

  • Arranging appointments and providing reminders

  • Planning visits, outings and trips

  • Visiting neighbors and friends

  • Encouraging interaction with loved ones

  • Encouraging participation in and assisting with community activities

  • Providing  transportation to:

    • – Doctor appointments

    • – The pharmacy

    • – Social outings

    • – Lunch or dinner

    • – Plays and concerts

    • – Movies

    • – Religious services

    • – Sporting events

    • – Club meetings

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My Buddy

Welcoming You To Your New Community

Seniors First of Georgia understands that moving to a new location can be taxing emotionally and physically.  Leaving your familiar surrounding, family and friends can be overwhelming.  

Seniors First of Georgia is proud to offer a service called My Buddy.  You are assigned a companion who will assist you in getting comfortable and familiar with you new community.  Your Buddy can accompany you to your meals, meetings, outings and even introduce you to your new community.

Members of the My Buddy team are carefully chosen and matched.  All Buddy members are fully vetted.  They are passionate, informative and knowledgeable. Most of all, your Buddy will always be there for you.

For more information, give us a call at

(470) 545-2295.

Image by Melanie Stander
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