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Services Provided

It’s our mission at Seniors First of Georgia is not only to encourage independence, but to alleviate that loneliness and bring joy and companionship. 


Sitter Companion Service

Care Support/Personal Care Service


Hospice Support Service


My buddy


We Accompany/Transport to doctors and medical appointments

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Representative Payee Services 



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Sitter Companion

  • Supervising patients in your care without distraction.

  • Alerting nurses when patients need help or intervention.

  • Providing emotional support and companionship to patients.

  • Monitoring vital signs and detecting changes in the condition of patients.

  • Assisting patients with basic requests

  • Refraining from performing medical procedures or any unauthorized actions.

  • Keeping patient information confidential.

  • Adhering to hospital policies and standards.

My Buddy Program

Our Senior Buddy Program fosters meaningful intergenerational connections by pairing our seasoned Seniors First of Georgia staff with older adults in assisted living facilities and community centers.

Through this program, we help reduce social isolation and loneliness, improving the overall wellbeing of the residents and the community.
Our proven buddy program model improves resident satisfaction, mental health, and overall well-being.

In-Home Consultation

Representative Payee

Our Representative Payee Program is designed is designed to assist senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and veterans who are medically, mentally or physically incapable of managing their own funds.

Hospice Support Worker

The Hospice Support Worker (HSW) assumes responsibility for providing routine care, support and assistance to clients in the residence and their families. The HSW will also help to maintain a home-like environment by contributing to the daily operation of the Hospice Home in accordance with the Policies
and Procedures of Hospice

Join Our Dedicated Team

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